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The double breasted tunics indicate that these are Bavarian Gendarmes (dark green with red piping) or city of Munich policemen (dark blue with carmine piping) from the Weimar era. Border guards wore the oakleaves before 1918.

Hessian "Bereitschaftspolizei" also wore these same leaves 1926+ but had a single breasted tunic.

Rank titles would vary by WHICH of these services they were actually in-- can't tell from B&W. So if you've got a M?nchen photographer's ID, or one from a studio elsewhere, that would help whether they were "rural dark green" or "city dark blue."

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It's F?rstenfeldbruck -- very nice. Just a couple of kilometres from where I live.

F?rstenfeldbruck was a Police officer's Academy and is still today.

Mindelheim is also not too far away, more south towards the alps.

That's a postcard from F?rstenfeldbruck

Maybe he was a teacher there.

Nice photos.

Kind regards


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The photographer was Franz Kugler in F?rstenfeldbruck.

It seems the shop doesn't exist anymore but is run under another name.

A quick research brought this website:


But You see that it is called Foto Ecker now and situated in Grafing, also not far away from F?rstenfeldbruck.

At least they celebrate their 90 years anniversary so it is probably the follower of Franz Kugler.

Kind regards


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