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    Dien Bien Phu Commemorative Stamp

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    I'm sure I'm not a stamp collector because I don't know what to call things like this. A commemorative plate, maybe? But, and this will stun some of you, I have a TON of stamps that I have picked up here and there and don't have a clue about. It's probably good that we don't have a stamps forum. But I digress.

    I was thumbing through some flea market things last year in Yerevan and I came across this plate. I'm gonna call it a plate but just out of ignorance. Feel free to correct me.

    I was pretty surprised at first. The "other side" commemorating their victories? On stamps? Well why not, I suppose. So here it is. You'll recognize some of the luminaries pictured on it. The plan of attack is self-explanatory. Any chance that anyone here knows (or is?) a Dien Bien Phu survivor? If yes, I'd like to hear their story.

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    I think the stamp collecting fraternity refer to these items as "First Day Covers" :unsure:

    Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

    * * * * *

    Thanks, Kev. I should have known that. I've got an album of Soviet first day covers around here somewhere. Wonder where I put that thing. So what is a commemorative plate? Or did I just make that term up? I've got an album+ of those too, but that may not be what they're actually called.

    Ulsterman, those are the two I recognized too. I've got an unpublished 1963 photo of Giap in Tbilisi. I think I once shared it here. I was a senior in high school at the time and he was there trying to figure out how to kill me. The booger.

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