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    Cufftitles Immelmann and Richthofen

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    Here two nice Cufftitles, both tapes come from the same reduction. Immelmann title still has his original length, unfortunately, the Richthofen was shortened. Both titles have clear wear. Also the raw material same is only the colour tape is a little darker from the Richthofen. The writing corresponds with both titles not to the state kind.

    But I have found a very similar variation:


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    The back is also different a little bit as one can see a piece of paper or newspaper served with one piece as a base. The Richthofen title has the typically black raw material, how the breast eagles etc.

    Having somebody similar pieces in his collection? Has seen itself never comparable pieces, up to a comparable piece of the web page.

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    Both are original

    Thank you for your answer gene,

    do you yourself have comparable pieces in your collection? I mine in the kind of the man's position?

    Will will try to remove sometimes with opportunity the glue leftovers, had experimented already once with colour remover. The experience has shown that the glue is solved, but I the remover then without damages again from the material agree I am not sure yet. Will try out it sometimes with a comparable piece of material.

    Do you have vieleicht an idea?



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    The cuff titles you posted are early versions, and I do not have either of these in my collection (I do have the later style of each though). The only cuff title I have like yours, with the same early letters, is a Jagdgeschwader M?lders example.

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    Hello gene,

    thank you for the answer, this pleases me to hear that it concerns here still early pieces, Thinking rather to late pieces, because the paper with Immelmann looked for me like shortage of materials.

    Which time span do you mean with early pieces?

    Is there a good book about sleeve tapes LW?

    Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of sleeve tapes only these both and one more Hindenburg which comes from my family. This is sewed on quite fine material if you want I can see it still posten, but would become real I from you also noc completely with pleasure other cufftitles?

    Tape shows the genes if you is able to to me, nevertheless, sometimes pictures of your M?lders?

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    I don't know when these cuff titles were initiated, but a good book is "German Military Cuffbands 1784-Present" by Gordon Williamson (Bender Publishing)


    Edited by Gene
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    Then, nevertheless, thank you for the recommendation of the book, this I will probably get. I like your sleeve tape also very well, it had already seen on another web page.

    The " J " or better is written said like it, has shown me only that there was this variation also. Since all cuftitles I had seen in my springs available to me, were differently written. What had surprised me first is the strong irregularity of the letters. Also with your M?lders the letters not everything are immediately written.

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