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Bit of a moral issue

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A little over a month ago i had bought a lot of nice soviet medals from a dealer who's prices are very collector friendly. After speaking more with him it sounds like he bought his entire russian stock about 15 years ago en mass. And when enquiring about groups he said he couldn't really prove that any of the singles he had purchased belonged together other than stuff mounted together and thus sells everything as singles even though there are most likely split groups in the mix.

Here's the problem short of getting awards cards for all the items is there an easier way of proving items belong together?????

The dealer in question has about 15 OG3, 15ORS, 15VM, and 15MMM all numbered that he will sell me for about $1400cdn. At todays prices they are a steal and i'm not going to hesitate at buying them as soon as i have the funds raised. It's the friggin cost of getting the awards cards that really sucks.....

Oh and secondly whats the going rate for a Baku Amur Railway medal with award document???



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Yeah Doc

thats what i was afriad of...... Wouldn't it be great though if there was a double bravery winner in there.... or even a Glory, bravery, red star ohhh.... that would be really nice. I know that in soviet medals by adding the awards card to the medal you ensure a greater return when the time comes to sell the medal so it's the right thing to do. And its not like i'm paying even close to market rate for the medals any way.

Any idea about the amur Railways and award doc???


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