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Forest Brothers


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I managed to get something very very rare.... :jumping::jumping::jumping:

I got two pictures with forest brother from Estonia. I will get his name as well coming days I hope!

Especially nice find because my grandfather was one of them (catched 1949 and killed by KGB)

Some information from wikipedia:

The Forest Brothers also: Brothers of the Forest, Forest Brethren; Forest Brotherhood; Estonian: metsavennad, Latvian: me?a brāļi, Lithuanian: mi?ko broliai) were Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian partisans who waged guerrilla warfare against Soviet rule during the Soviet invasion and occupation of the three Baltic states during, and after, World War II.

The Soviet Army occupied the formerly independent Baltic states in 1940?1941 and, after a period of German occupation, again in 1944?1945. As Stalinist repression intensified over the following years, more than 170,000 residents of these countries used the heavily-forested countryside as a natural refuge and basis for armed anti-Soviet resistance.

Resistance units varied in size and composition, ranging from individually operating guerrillas, armed primarily for self-defence, to large and well-organised groups able to engage significant Soviet forces in battle.

In Estonia total 14,000 - 15,000 men participated in fighting during 1944-1953. Estonian Forest Brothers were most active in V?ru County and border areas between P?rnu County and L??ne County, and between Tartu County and Viru County. During period November 1944 - November 1947 they made 773 armed attacks and killed about 1000 Soviets and their supporters. August Sabbe, the last surviving Forest Brother in Estonia, was discovered by KGB agents in 1978, he was posing as a fisherman, instead of surrendering, he jumped into a river and hooked himself to a log, drowning. The KGB contested this story however.


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