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    OPinion on these side caps, please!

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    Thank you very much for your opinion!

    When I saw it, it seemed to me that the cockade was really strange and not suitable for a EM upgraded cap.

    About the another side cap, I dont know if the emblem was used by any unit, but I think remember that Ulric of England sold one wit a similar emblem.

    Thanks again for your help and let me know if I can be usefull for you.

    I willa sk for more photos.

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    Please, MIchel...could you explain while I wait more photos why the U boat oficer is not good...??



    Too many things...

    This bordm?tze is a basic construction for enlisted and NCO (may be original), now look at the eagle, the cocarde, the piping, NEVER on a real officer borm?tze.



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    The cockade is clearly different as the one with the swordfish seems a LW one. Also the eagle is an EM one...but the gold wreath seems similar?I see same age and toning in all insignias...

    is the main difference the cockade?

    EXcellent example...thanks Michel.

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