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  1. Hello Uwe, Thank you very much. Best regards from France, Michel
  2. Hello, Can somebody translate this document, who signed ? Thanks in advance, Michel .
  3. Hello, I have this EK I in box since many years, but I don't know this type of box, can anybody give me indications or explanations ? Best regards, Michel
  4. I'm OK with you, but my opinion is for a Wächtler & Lange some minor differences appear, now for me it is the first time that I see this type of U-Boot badge in tombak. Did somebody see one ?
  5. Hello, I found this U-Boot badge, I have my idea on the maker but I will be curious to know your opinions. Thanks in advance, Michel
  6. Thanks for the pictures, not a textbook one but a good and nice cap. Best regards from France, Michel
  7. Hello Peter, At this time I think that the cap is propably a good one but restored or upgraded, more pictures are necessary. I like some parts but some other a little less. Which material inside ? Gaze on the upside lining ? Part on the front side ? Close up picture of the visor sewing ? Close up picture of the buttons sewing ? Close up picture of the sweatband sewing ? The name "Lutz" inside, but why U-591, other U-Boot Officers had the same name. Best regards, Michel
  8. Bienvenue au club Herv?, tu commences fort avec tes optiques j'attends la suite avec impatience... Welcome Herv?, you have a good starting with these opticals, I'm waiting the next things with impatience... Michel
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