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    Wisam al Rafidain First Class Military over $3,000.00

    Guest IMHF

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    Here is a Rare Wisam al Rafidain military Order sash and Breast Badge for over $3,000.00 I think God for letting me pick 2 of them up in Iraq 2005 for $1,200.00 each.


    Iraqi Order of the Two rivers Military republic sash and Breast badge in original case of issue: This goes to show a true value of this Order:

    Thank you


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    A boxed Set Neck Order Second class of the Wisam al Rafidain can bring $500.00 to $950.00 these are the prices i have seen them sold at.


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    IMHO 3000 USD ist overpriced. On 19th November 2008 the vieneese dorotheum sold a cased 1.st Class set (1st Modell 1922-1938) made by Garrrard Condition I/II for 1100 Euro with buyers premium 1340 Euro (1650 USD). Lot number was 3244

    The auction was well-attended with lots of international buyers on the floor and on the telephone.

    as far as i know the GC-Set of the order of the two rivers went to canada.




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    Do you know who moved this this was only for the lounge off the subject of the Middle East and Arab States.

    The Republic Wisam al Rafidain to me is more rare they are now selling in Iraq for 3,500-4000.00

    It is the Saddam Wisam al rafidain that is wanted the most.

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    • 1 year later...

    I have to laugh. wonder how these boys got to perth australia :-P

    good pick up I.Militaria. you must be very pleased indeed :-D

    One just sold a few months ago for $5,900


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