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my nice weird irish ribbion bar!


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well not posted it here but thought it show this little bar i picked up at a military show a few months ago for the outrageous price of free!!!! :cool::D from what i understand there for

1) Organization of National Ex-Servicemen Medal - 1981

2) Organization of National Ex-Servicemen - Limerick Treaty

300th Anniversary Medal - 1991

thought you guys might like to see her as she aint the normal bars you see from ireland!!! :beer:

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Hallo Paddywhack, :beer:

getting back to the original item that was posted on the thread,

Its a homemade jobby, this would have never have

been worn on a uniform, since the ribbons are purely commemorative

for an ex soldier, either of the Regulars or Reserve Defence Forces.

Nice to see all the same.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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well he says hes semi retiring so he might well stil be round!but yeah the recession is starting to hit everyone in dublin!! theres only a guy in georges street shopping arcade left and he only does a tiny amount of medals! thing i have noticed is that the prices at the fairs have been going up but the numbers going to the fairs are down!!!!!

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