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This looks like a 4-hollow rivet cross which has had the hollow rivets filled with solder and a central rivet added to secure a loose swastika.

Nope. Not a repair job. Darrell, you are correct, the Swas is loose. This is one of the rarest DKs you'll ever see.

The clue is in the owner and what he did.

So here is another clue. He served on U-862.

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Bingo !

You are 100% spot on Scott. U-862 was a Monsun Boat. Segermann learned of his award whilst stationed in Penang and the DK was made for him in Japan. I assume they had an original German made piece available to copy.

Most people know of the Japanese made Auxiliary Cruiser Badges and the EK1s made in Japan, but at least one Knight's Cross and the German Cross were made in Japan too.

This is one of the rarest DKs in existence.

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I had never heard of a Japanese made DKiG (and certainly not RK)! This is great to see!

Any chance of seeing the RK?

Sorry, I have a photo somewhere but can't lay hands on it. Unlike the DK which could pass as a Juncker, you wouldn't confuse the RK with any known maker. It is definitely a "one-of".

I know the German collector who owns it. It is unmarked,but made from Sterling silver (so it is of 925 grade) and was awarded to JOhannes Limbach. Even the accompanying award document is Japanese made, with the printers details in Japanese Kanji characters at bottom right.

I do have a photo handy of Limbach just after receiving the piece.

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