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    Hello Gents,

    I wanted to post this stein and see what comments and thoughts on it there may be - as far as authenticity and anything else really. I realize that without actually holding it this is difficult. But none the less someone may have come across a similar item or may be able to offer some thoughts or questions. (I'll try to post some more photos but am not having much luck with the machine).

    Thanks much - Jesse

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    This looks like a complete fabrication to me. The swastika is too ostentatious, and the engraving is sloppy - doubtful that any self-respecting U-Boat commander would accept such work. Is this one of those "100% authentic" pieces from Eastern Europe?

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    Hello ,

    I must agree that this item looks very crude and looks like it was made in Latvia or some other Eastern European country . I see the same type of poor quality engraving on all of those so called " 100 % original " u-boat cigarette cases and u-boat pocket watches and u-boat pocket compass ! I would stay far away from items like this .

    Best Regards ,


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    I wanted to add some info. on this topic that I discovered today and could possibly be expanded and added to on this stein.

    I visited a gun show today and met a collector who focuses on Axis militaria. He has a presentation set of a very small "stein" like cup for buboun and a matching plate. This set he said was given to Martin Mutschmann. I believe he was a high ranking nazi from back to the earlier days. The collector said he had a party number of something like #17 I think. Anyways the stein had the same large swastika with an eagle on top of it as the one shown in the pictures here. I asked about it and explained a little about my peice. He said that the eagle with the swastika was the N.S.R.L. eagle or National Sports Awards. This set of his would have been presented to an individual, for example that had achieved something for the war effort and that needed to be quickly exploited for the propaganda value of it. I later returned to the gun show with the stein because both of us were interested to learn more. He thought very positive of the stein. He explained that it was handmade, and silverplated. He also stated that the eagle on the handle (not shown) is the government "type" eagle with short wings. Another elderly man suggested that we compare the maker marks of the pieces. (This mark is shown in the photographs here). His stein had the same exact marks under the lid as the one here. I think he said the maker was in Dresden.

    The big question still remains in my mind about the engraving though. There really is no way to prove now that the engraving is genuine. Anybody could have picked up a blank stein and had it engraved with whatever name and information they chose.

    I'm looking further into this piece and am a bit more excited about it; as compared to the possiblity of being burnt initially - HAHA. I want to share this with everyone and see what info and further opinions pop up. A piece like this is very difficult to authenticate and pessimissm will probably continue to rule. But it does make interesting conversation at the least and may lead to some gained knowlege for us also. I'd like to e-mail the collector I spoke with today with further questions on this as he has been the only one with alot experience who has held it. If anyone has any better questions that I should have asked please forward them. Maybe he'll even join the forum.

    In the meantime I'll be toasting my vodka from the stein. Merry Christmas - Jesse

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