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    Some new and interesting ribbon bars

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    I REALLY want to hear what RR says about #7.

    I'll buy #6 if you're willing to sell it (and I bet you aren't) :Cat-Scratch:

    Was that once in the Stogie collection?

    The bottom one merits a discussion. My internal alarm bells are ringing.

    Nice haul. You are having a GREAT month Paul.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ooooooooooooo: festive and :love::love::love::love:

    The Gnome Collective is THIS (microns) close to being able to ID that top one...

    need HAMBURG of course :P

    Second lovely must have been a reserve officer. Not a Beamter since there is no 1897. Given the trio of peacetime Orders which have nothing to do with Xth Army Corps, I'd seek that one among the dR and dL officers there or maybe in Marine infantry reservists. Reservists aren't usually that well decorated which may help find him.

    3rd is probably postwar, and he'ssquishedin his 1920 XXV onto a four ribbon space. that could be tricky since with nodevices used, don't know if that's a peacetime or wartime Ernestine. Probably the latter and again--

    Oh Woe And Misery (and at THIS time of year, too) for the Missing and Lost And Undone Hanseatics!!! :(

    4th one is :Cat-Scratch: very interesting! There's an old pre-1913 model IX years service brooch before some class of Detmold or Schaumburg house order in any of their numerous classes. BUT-- no 1897-- so I'm willing to bet that's an NCO's bar, General Decoration or Red Eagle Order Medal (?), Crown Order Medal (?). The Turkish Red CRescent (?Sopanish Military Merit) in the middle is another red herring that defies certainty on a ribbon bar. No problemo if it was the medal bar and we KNEW what these three ribbons were for certain. But quite unusual as M1915 ribbon bar with no wartime stuff at all on it.

    5th one is sad and ratty but as a Bavarian officer combination not going to escape the ever increasing reference sources.

    6th one has also seen better days. I would say it's a Saint henry Knight and not Medal given the Wehrmacht 12 and 4... but as a circa 1935 retread, the "usual trio" full sweep of All Possible Saxon awards isn't going to help. It all hangs on that BRUNSWICK one... and if there are rolls published during the war in Saxony!

    The late Erhard Roth had access to SOMETHING that showed these, for at least a slice of the war... but he only published Captains up-- and this guy was an Oberleutnaant when the war ended, probably.

    Bottom one's simply not traceable.

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    I'll buy #7 if you're willing to sell it (and I bet you aren't) :Cat-Scratch:

    Was that once in the Stogie collection?

    Do you mean #6? If so, no - this used to be mine. ;o(

    I absolutely do not like the last one. Ribbons look wrong, backing looks wrong, the needle hook does look worst. The other are indeed fine and interessting, and luckily nothing with any Baden connection...


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