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    Two interesting Austrian table type medals....

    Mike Dunn

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    Here are two different Austrian table type items. Both have felt on their backs. I assume that they are a table medal of some sort. Would love to hear your thoughts on these! I first thought they might be tinnies but was surprised to see no pinback and the felt. Your comments would be most welcome. Mike

    First is a 100 year medal--1816-1916. It is 3 x 2 1/2 inches in size and is bronze in color.

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    Thanks Stogie-The first one is one piece, while from the front it looks like a three piece set, when looking at the side it is all one piece, no seams. The second one is 1 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches in size. I would think that it is to big to be a hat badge. They look veteran related but not sure. Can't feel any pin mounts or anything else through the felt. Mike

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    hey Mike...... Look what I just found!


    Lot Kappenabzeichen, 8 St?ck, versch. MET., u.a. Kaiserj?ger 1816-

    1916, 11. Armee Tirol 1916, K. u. K. Kraftfahrtruppe, Isonzoarmee 1915, an Nadeln, II 4

    Opening Price:

    70 EURO

    Absentee bid

    Telephone bid

    Terms and conditions


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    That size is too large for a cap badge. The Isonzo-Armee piece is very common. I have a cap badge size version. Yours might have been made as paper weight. Does it have any heft to it?

    These designs were used for various purposes and were made in more than one size. There are miniture versions and I have one that is approximately 4"X4" that was made as a wall plaque and which I have also seen in the cap badge size.


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