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    I have this sword posted in the blades section of this forum...

    The sword has the owner's name engraved into the scabbard. Based on the story(I got sword from the nephew of the veteran) and the name on the sword, is it trackable? This officer must have been of significant ranking to have surrendered it to Gen Patton! I checked all of the books In addtion, I Google searched the heck out of it with no matches. Maybe someone out there knows something?


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    Here is the letter that accompanied the sword. I feel very confident in this piece as the person I bought from is a long time collector(knows what this stuff is worth. He collects personality SS items) that sold it to me for far less than the sword is worth...even without the history.

    There was a photo of his uncle that I have as well.

    IMHO, this group has as much US historical relevance as German.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Enge is certainly an odd name-- the ONLY person I could find with that moniker was a Protestant church administrator born in Frankfurt am Oder in 1839! :cheeky:

    No luck.

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