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Bundesmarine / Deutsche Marine Hat Question

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Thanks for your reply! I think I should have worded my question better. I'm familiar with the change to the white top schirmm?tzen during the summer (April thru October) with the blue top worn during the winter months.

My question is that it appears the Bundesmarine/Deutche Marine no longer wear the blue top schirmm?tzen at all -- i.e. the white top is worn at all times. I'm trying to determine when this change was made. By your last reply, do you think the change to only wearing white tops occurred in 1968? If this is correct it would then beg the question as to why the caps continued to be produced with removable tops? Unless the tops were removable to allow cleaning?

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Thanks Juergen.

That would explain my difficulties in locating a blue-top cap for my collection. It sounds as though most caps would have had a removable blue and white top prior to 1968. I wasn't sure since my admiral cap does not have a removable top.

Judging by eBay, I suspect most early BM blue-top caps have likely been rebadged as Kriegsmarine hats.

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Hi Juergen,

Thanks for the link. A few nice Kriegsmarine caps but my interest is for early Bundeswehr. I have Luftwaffe and Heer caps from the mid-1950s to mid-1960s but am still looking for a few Bundesmarine Schirmm?tzen (preferably with non-removable tops) to complete my collection. The white caps are pretty easy to find and are not very expensive. I have a white removable top officer schirmm?tze from 1964 that I like very much. I'm hoping to find a blue top for it sometime.


Yes, some of the blue caps had a nonexchangeable top.

here you can get everything you ever wanted. not cheap but genuine.




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Here is something I bought this weekend that may shine some more light on your question. Fregatte agrees with the comments I have shared with you earlier but it is worth researching actual caps in our collections to record markings, dates etc. I haven't received these items yet but they should prove interesting. The auction consists of a white toped junior officers visor cap plus an additional white and navy removable tops. The navy blue top seems to have an early style makers lable in it.



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