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Ided Ribbon Bar - need help with Turkish ribbons

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Of the two "1333" date clasps on the Turkish ribbons, is the one on the left silver or gold/gilt?

If it's gold, then the medals would appear to be (left to right): Liyakat Medal in gold, Imtiyaz Medal in silver, Turkish War Medal, Lifesaving Medal (solid green ribbon), and then another Liyakat ribbon which would probably be the silver medal.


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Last one was a peacetime Medjidie 3.

That was my "Plan B" if the swords clasps are both silver. He seems to have abandoned any attempt to mount them in a logical order of precedence. What the heck, it was his ribbon bar - he could mount it any way he wanted, right?


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I found this about Lampe (c. M. Bodeaux):

Bremen, Hanseatenkreuz - Korvettenkapit?n - 1916, 08.01.R GOEBEN, I. Offizier

DR Chinadenkm?nze f?r K?mpfer - Leutnant zur See - 1901, 05.10.S BRANDENBURG

DR Kolonialdenkm?nze - Kapit?nleutnant - 1912, 06.13.S PANTHER, Wachoffizier, s.Zt. Oberleutnant zur See

DR Spange VENEZUELA 1902/03

Pr. Centenarmedaille - Kadett - 1897, 03.22.S STEIN

Pr. Dienstauszeichnungskreuz XXV - Kapit?n zur See - 1923, 06.10.R Schiffsstammdivision der Nordsee, Kommandeur

Pr. Eisernes Kreuz 1914 I. Kl. - Korvettenkapit?n - 1918, 02.14.R GOEBEN, I. Offizier

Pr. HOH Kreuz der Ritter m. Schwertern - Korvettenkapit?n - 1918, 03.18. GOEBEN, I. Offizier

Pr. RAO 4. Kl. - Kapit?nleutnant - 1912, 09.19. OSTFRIESLAND, Stab

But no foreign award for him. Due to the fact he was on SMS Goeben, Turkish orders and medals are possible.


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