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    Coronation 1902 medal

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    I'm collecting the British coronation and jubilee medals post 1900, and this is one of the few medals I'm still missing. But I'm not quite sure about this one... What do you think about it, could it be a fake?

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    Hi Kvart.

    No not necessary. It depends on your focus for your collection. Personally i love to couple or atleast attempt to couple the recipients and total awards to a specific medal. Good luck finding the outstanding two medals.


    Norman :lol:

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    A roll for the South African regular forces (police, volunteer regiments etc) that attended the 1902 Coronation was published many years ago by Mac Bisset. It lists 255 names. However, there was another much larger contingent from South Africa that was made up of men from irregular units that had been raised during the Boer War (e.g. Bethune's Mounted Infantry, Damant's Horse, Imperial Light Horse, Kitchener's Fighting Scouts, Railway Pioneer Regiment). This roll is in the National Archives at Kew (WO127-23).



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