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  1. Thanks Mike. Will certainly be of great help. Much appreciated Mike Can you possibly also assist with a KSA to: Nr 26430 Corpl R.T. Wright RFA. Also the letters Shg Str behind his rank on medal rim. Any information will again be greatly appreciated. Regards Norman
  2. This KSA is my newest addition to my collection. If anybody can assist with information on the recipient Nr 262 Tpr C.O. Jackson SAC. I take it the SAC stands for South African Constabulary. Any help welcomed. Regards Norman
  3. Hi Claudio2574 Unfortunitely not so easily accesable here in South Africa. So will have to bite the bullet on the delivery costs. Cheers
  4. Morning Gents I am looking for a reputable dealer who sells medal ribbons. Looking for a ribbon, obviously at a reasonable price, for my newly acquired Italian Military Merit Cross. Any references? Regards Norman
  5. The camo's are manufactured in China these days.
  6. Hi Jamyam The EO stands for Elektroniese Oorlogvoering (Electronic Warfare) and the ET stands for Elektroniese Tegnikus (Electronic Technician). Hope that helps. Regards Norman
  7. Gavin is 100% correct in his identification. The first three medals from the left side are the campaign medals available for award after 1975 in the SADF. The fourth medal from left is the 10 years good service medal. The green and bronze color ribbon was in use from 1986 onwards. To attribute the medals to a specific soldier is very difficult as Gavin points out especially the campaign and good service medals. Regards Norman
  8. Thanks Chris Chris, You don't happen to have a honour role or list of sorts of the german soldiers who died in the GSWA campaign? I've seen the UDF one on the Kaiser site. Cheers Norman
  9. Hi DSWA Happy to see you guys in Namibia being involved in the commemoration of the events that happened in GSWA a 100 years ago. I am at this stage reading up on the campaign again to refresh my knowledge. For this year I am concentrating on the start of the campaign up to the Battle of Sandfontein. If you have any information to share on this action I'll be happy to indulge. Oh yes, welcome to the forum. Regards Norman
  10. Hi Mervyn The second image of UK stamps contain firstly (first six stamps on top) the Definitive series of King Edward VIII issued on 01 Sep 1936. The remainder of the stamps are those of King George VI issued in 1937. This definitive issue was in use until 1947 when a new definitive issue was introduced. As far as value is concerned, they aren't worth much as they are still fairly common, maybe max ZAR40.00 for the lot on the second UK image. They are all of low denomination. As far as the Queen Victoria stamps are concerned I will have to dig a bit deeper. There might be some value. Among them I spotted one or two "penny reds" which sell from cheap to quite expensive depending on the plate it comes from. Another thing is also always condition, which plays avery major role in terms of value. On value I would rather you get it appraised by an expert as the stamp market is very volatile. I can put you in touch with just such a person if you require. Will see what I can dig up on the other stamps. Regards Norman
  11. Busy Re-discovering the German South West Africa Campaign. What great fun

    1. IrishGunner


      You should share what you learn in an article.

  12. Talking under correction, but the Cape of Good Hope Medals were awarded for colonial campaigns that did not have anything to do with the first Boer War. Interesting. Will have to go and read up on this one. Thanks for planting the seed Paul. Norman
  13. My great grandmother's brother Pte Peterson served during WW1. He was one of those soldiers that was on the battlefield and then wasn't. Presumed KIA. Never found him. Have a photo of him somewhere in my study amongst other photos. R.I.P. Regards Norman
  14. Hi Michael 97 French Croix de Guerre medals were awarded to South African soldiers during World War 1. Regards Norman
  15. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing. The website is going to keep me very busy for the next 4 years or so.
  16. Hi Mervyn. All is well thank you my friend. Agreed that some posts can be accommodated although I can keep you busy with a forum on military related stamps for quite a long time. Just thinking about the Mafikeng Siege, the Turkish Issues after Gallipoli etc. From time to time I'll post something interesting for others to share. Kind regards Norman
  17. Thanks Jock. Always worth the while to have a look. Never know what is out there up for grabs. Regards Norman
  18. Hi all. Hopefully back on forum for a while.

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      Good to see you back

  19. Except for Medals and Militaria, I love those small pieces of paper that travel the world. In most cases stamps capture bits of history. My main collecting focus with regard to stamps include the British Colonies and countries and territories that no longer exist in name for example Aden, Labuan and Van Diemansland etc. Stamps commemorating and or dealing with wars is a big favourite. Well that is my penny's worth. Regards Norman
  20. You are very blessed to be the holder and guardian of your family's contribution to history. An absolute treasure.
  21. A Very interesting topic. Would enjoy reading and learning more. Have the same opinion as Claudius - Keep them coming.
  22. Ciskei Cross of Valour Some images to add to this topic. Enjoy. Regards Norman
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