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    Great collection!!

    I live in Brooklyn. Where is that Antique shop anyway? :beer::love:;)


    BROOKLYN ?? You're down in the City :unsure: ...you'd have to come up here , go to the center of town and go down 4 Oak Trees and and take a left ..then keep going until you see a Skunk and take a right at the Skunk ..then follow down the Trail and across the Brook. :speechless:

    Better yet ....why don't you just come up here and I'll show you , that's much easier :beer:

    :cheeky: The Antique Dealers up here say that the NYC Dealers pick this area clean and bring everything down there . It makes me wonder because , there's not much Militaria to be found at the local shops anymore. I use to blame Ebay for the "slump" ..but since they banned the TR items , I thought we'd see more at the shops now.

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