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    Original SS Helmet ?

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    Hallo Gents,

    Have a possible SS helmet here for review. I'm all right with the exterior so far but the liner and chin strap might indicate something else? Curious to see what others may think.

    Also if anybody can give me a tip on how to add the phots properly I'd really appreciate it. I think the size is too large for more than one at a time on each post, (hence the photos attached to the replies)

    -Thanks alot - Tschuess, Jesse

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    I am not a helmet expert, so either way I would wait for another opinion. But, I do not like the liner. It does not look like any I have seen, material wise. Also the decal looks suspicious to me as well.



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    • 2 weeks later...

    Anyone else care to comment? I want to learn something here!

    Just my thoughts Paul,

    I'm real suspious of the liner. It looks like a repro liner from Cech. that I purchased one time. I thought that the Cech one was "pig skin"... not sure why this sticks in my head but the liner looks alot like it. It's just too new to me. Also the puple 60 there is very new looking. To sum up the liner against others that I've seen - no way. They are usually alot darker, almost "toasted" looking. Like the surface is hard, crusty and dark and that it might peel back and reveal a dryed leather, more like card board.

    The decal and the outside is what caught my eye. Besides the edges looking a bit lifted or stuck on, I thought that it was good.

    Over all though, the guy wanted $2200 for it. Very much I thought to pay for something that I couldn't hold in my hands. Photos are tough. As much as we all would like to believe in these "oportunities', I think its pushing it. Better to go with an honest gut feeling I think

    If you really want to learn about these helmets. My 2 cents is a couple of books. "German Camouflaged Helmets" by Branislav Radovic and "SS -Steel" by Kelly Hicks. There are others out there also by the same authors that are very good. The Hicks books are probably better. Simpily the have more writing in them. The others are almost soley photos but still very good I think and have larger more detailed photos. They are all over $60 U.S. dollars last time I checked.

    The best advice that I've heard on learning about these metal-bowl obssesions is to hold as many of them as you can. Simpily by seeing, smelling and touching the real ones, you get a better idea of what they should be like. I've got alot to learn myself so again, just my thoughts.....

    Take care - Jesse

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