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    Hi pals. Picture shows officers from IR 134 in August 1914 at main train station in Plauen before being departured "in?s Feld". Is there any possibility to identify Nr. 1 and 2? I have a suggestion that 1 is the regimental commander Oberst von der Decken and 2 Hauptmann Sievert. But i?m unsure.

    Gru? Stefan

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    And here is my special friend Sievert a bit later with a bit more bling-bling :rolleyes:


    Where do you get this picture????? Are you the one who got his estate at ebay for ca. 2 years?

    Please can you send me a 300 dpi-scan of it?

    I still have 3 another pictures of him, one i got from the user "Leutwein" here in the Forum.

    Mit neidischen Gr??en


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    Hi Stefan,

    give me your email and you will get a scan of it...

    I had some parts of the Sievert estate but I gave it to Karsten - and he gave you a picture of Sievert :P lustiger Kreislauf...

    by the way...this picture here was a ebay find but not from the estate seller..... was some months later a lucky find.

    all the best


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