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    NonCom WW1/2 Ribbon bar

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    What caught my attention was how shiney and new the reverse of the bar appeared as well as the evidence of swords on the Hindenburg Cross. I know that I have seen medal bars where the awardee was wearing a Combattant version of the EK and Non Com version of the HC... But I have never seen the opposite as seen on this bar. An added thought is the modular construction of this bar. (in theory anyone could put what they want on these bars).

    These three traits caused my imagination to roam... I know... I can be a bit paranoid at times!

    Thank you for your highly respected expertice in this matter! :cheers:



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    Guest Rick Research

    Looks fine to me too. No scratches on the tabs indicating monkeying with, no different tab on one as opposed to the others...

    and I can tell you from personal experience in my early days :rolleyes: that those tabs are FRAGILE-- they were not meant to be around 60+ years later, nor were they intended for on and off. They SNAP. :speechless1:

    The combination is more usual I'd say than the other way around-- a short time at the front guy (HindenburgX for one day up front) who got a 1920 (as most were) "white black" EK for years afterwards of paper pushing. (Think my photo of the 1866 veteran with 1914 "white black" EK2 and 1918 Wound Badge! :speechless1: ) We SEE "black white" Iron Crosses with "noncombatant" Hindenburgs all the time, but without documentation can't be sure if those were cheapos who simply didn't buy Xs for their HC ribbon.

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