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    Hello gentlemen,

    I need your help to find some more informations about: Walter Johann Karl Wilhelm von Heinemann (*1858 - ?1928).

    Commander of the 34. Infanterie-Division (from August 1914 - April 1916), XVI. Armee-Korps.

    (On the backside is writen: "Kommandeur der 34. Inf. Div. Exzellenz v. Heinemann")

    I will be very appreciate for any information about him!

    Thanks and best regards, :cheers:


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    Guest Rick Research

    During the war he received Red Eagle 2nd Class with Star and Oakleaves with Swords and Crown Order 1st Class with Swords, replacing his usual peacetime lower classes. He also had peacetime Brunswick House Order-Commander, Reuss Honor Cross (Younger Line) 1st Class, Ernestine House Order-Commander 1st Class, and Schwarzburg Honor Cross 1st Class. I don't find him on any of the WW1 award rolls we have been publishing.

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    Heinemann's career. I hace nothing that shows he was Kom. d. XVI. AK or any other AK. Where did you find informaiton that he was a corps commander?


    Walter von Heinemann (1856-1928)

    06.01.14-25.04.16 Kom. d. 34. Div. (Metz)

    21.04.11-06.01.14 Kom. d. 76. Inf. Brig. (Erfurt)

    22.03.10-21.04.11 Kom. d. Inf. R. 96 (Gera)

    10.04.06-22.03.10 Gen. St. d. Gouv. v. Thorn

    22.04.05-10.04.06 Chef d. 7. Abtl. i. gr. Gen. St.

    22.03.02-22.04.05 III./Inf. R. 59 (Deutsch-Eylau)

    18.10.00-22.03.02 Gen. St. d. 37. Div. (Allenstein)

    17.04.97-18.10.00 i. Gen. St. d. Kmdtr. v. Posen

    14.02.95-17.04.97 Chef 2./F?s. R. 38 (Glatz)

    17.10.93-14.02.95 ? l.s. d. Gen. St. i. Neb. Et.

    26.11.92-17.10.93 i. gr. Gen. St., b. Trigon. Abt.

    29.03.92-26.11.92 aggr. d. gr. Gen. St., i. Trigon. Abt.

    20.11.90-29.03.92 k.b. gr. Gen. St., i. Landesvermess. Abt.

    v. Inf. R. 85 (bis 18.10.91 v. Inf. R. 74)

    18.10.91 in Inf. R. 85 versetzt

    01.10.87-19.07.90 k.z. Kr. Akad. v. Inf. R. 74

    1884-01.10.87 in 3./Inf. R. 74 (Hannover)

    1882-1883 in 2./Inf. R. 74 (Hannover)

    1879-1881 in 7./Inf. R. 74 (Hannover)

    14.02.78 Sek.Lt.

    15.05.77 Port. F?hnr. i. Inf. R. 74

    01.10.76 als Offiz. Asp. i. Inf. R. 74 eingetr.

    PRAO2mE PKrO2mSt PDK BrH2b REKj1 HSH2a SEK1

    Gen.Lt. 27-01-14 D

    Gen.Maj. 21-04-11 -

    Oberst 14-04-07 B2b

    Oberstlt. 27-01-05 -

    Major 01-04-98 U

    Hptm. 29-03-92

    Oblt. 15-11-87

    Leutn. 14-02-78

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    ... thank you a lot for Heinemann's career Andy!!! :beer:

    ... and yes (it's like Chip said) he was only commander of the 34.ID! ;)

    I have an other question about the 34.ID, maybe you can help me with

    the other division-commander!? I know (just) this:

    a) 1891 Gen. Lt. v. Bartenwerffer, Conrad Gustav Friedrich (1835-1919)

    b) 1900 Gen. Lt. Morsbach, Bernhard Engelbert August von (1841-1909)

    c) 1903 Gen. Lt von Hochw?chter, Karl (1845-1926)

    d) ???

    e) ???

    f) 1912/13 Gen. Lt Theodor Gustav Heinrich Claassen (1854-1913)

    g) 1914 GdI von Heinemann, Walter Johann Karl Wilhelm (1858-1928)

    h) April 1916 Gen. Lt von Unger, Fritz Moritz Lucius Hermann Valerius (1862-1945)

    i) August 1916 Gen. Lt Schmiedecke (1853-1925)

    j) October 1916 Gen. Lt Teetzmann, Theodor Hans Joseph Alexander (1859-1930)

    k) ???

    l) ???

    I will be very appreciate for any information about! (also pictures!!!) :rolleyes:

    Thanks and best regards, :cheers:


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