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    WWI veteran's tunic


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    I don't know anything about US WWI items - this seems very reasonable, no?

    Compared to German items it is a tenth of the price - is there something wrong with it or are US items that cheap?


    I'm no expert on this particlur tunic, but you can get really nice ones for less than $200. It's only a matter of time before they go up...

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    Ebay is still the best place to buy them - our local "Militaria" shop is selling WW1 tunics for $350...another one in Idaho was selling them for over $200 in 2006. But Ebay tunics seem to hold at under 200 unless there is something special about them. I have looked at this one and have some serious questions. The wound stripe is not that common - so that makes it desireable. - But - he makes it out to be named to this Baker chap - who is not listed in the article. The Baker chap is also in a bakers company - breadmakers - well away from the front lines AND would have a loaf of bread as his privates insignia on the left arm - not the crossed rifles - so what it is - a "put together" grouping from at least two inividuals. But for an un-named Yankee Division tunic with all the patches - its not a bad buy.

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    I still think of them as $75 uniforms!

    That shows how old I am.

    There are probably more US WW1 uniforms about than any other country. Almost all WW1 US vets coming home were given new(er) uniforms at the demobilization depots. I once had a friend who told me he wore his uniform(s) for almost a year afterward because he couldn't find a job and had almost nothing else to wear.

    Also, he often got a free coffee and doughnut around Toledo as a returning vet .

    Of course, I still see 1945 issue Ikes and 4 pocket jackets for $25-$35 at flea markets. Sometimes the ribbon bars and badges are worth more than the uniform itself ("smelly, moth-eaten, ugly old rags" according to my wife).

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