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1922 Commonwealth? leather pouch

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I was wondering if anybody knew what this pouch was used for. I could see some marks like these..



1922 Thanks,Rich

I think it may be for a compass - meant to go on a Sam Browne or wide web belt. It's just possible that the "IA" refers to the (British) Indian Army, though the leather is an odd colour. I would have expected a dark brown to match a Sam Browne if it was an issue piece. But then an officer's compass case from that period might very well be private purchase, hance the lack of broad arrow marks or numbers other than the date. Might even be a civilian piece. Did it come with other (military) items?


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Peter,Thanks for the help. It was in a plastic bin at a gun show I was at. Everything in the bin was $5. It was a mix of stuff. Thanks for the idea it may be a compass pouch and Indian Army. Rich


Sounds military then. Free advice is worth what you pay for it, but in this case you can likely CALL it whatever you want and nobody will say you nay! :rolleyes:

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Going through uniforms and equipment of the British Army WW1 it seems to be a Pouch for Webley rounds. In the photos of the MPs and other units with pistols they all seem to have had this on the belt.




I think you're right - ther extra flap is common on earlier Br ammunition pouches, to keep out rain, and keep rounds from falling out when the top flap is tucked back for use. Compass was just a guess based on apparent size and shape. Don't know why I didn't think of ammunition.

The other possibility for ammo., especially if it was advertised as "1870s" is that it held percussion caps for the Snider Enfield and other percussion rifles. Going through the one source easily accessible to me I can't find a picture of one, but again, the size and shape would be about right.

Either way it's a nice early piece of British kit, although again the lack of broad arrow is a puzzle if its meant for Other Ranks. So the balance of probability is towards officer's private purchase IMO.


PS - Chris - how long are you in Toronto for this time?

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