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    The Alamo


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    Having recently visited the Alamo I though some of you would be interested to know that there were quite a few British amongst the names of the dead defenders. Interesting (but I guess no suprise) to know that a few English, Scotts, Welsh and Irish Immigrants played a part in this famous historical action.

    Have a look at the official website:


    Anyone seen the new film version of The Alamo ?

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    Yes I,ve been there too. I found the old barrack block quite eerie, in fact the whole place has an aura about it (if you stand with your back to Woolco's and blot out the traffic noise).

    I picked up a leaflet with all the defenders names and Nationalties on it, in fact I've still got it. Now THAT would be one hell of a research project....................

    By the way did you go to the 'other Alamo' about 15 miles away. This was the one built for the John Wayne movie. When I went about 12 years ago they they had re-enactors fighting the battle about twice a day during the main tourist season. I bought a book on Mexican Army uniforms of the period (well you've got to have'nt you). The only drawback is that it is in Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Not really Historical but what the hey...

    Ozzy Osbourne was on a massive bender in Texas so his wife hid his clothes to stop him going out on the piss. Usuing his great intelligence he put on one of her dresses and out he goes. After several hours of debauchery Ozzy needs to relieve himself so he sees what he thinks is a derelict building up goes the skirt and a great sigh is given. It is now that he is aware of Texas finest pointing guns at him and that he is pissing on the Alamo. He was then dragged away to custody shouting " I dont care I will do anything for Aston Villa".

    This little incident resulted in Ozzy being banned from the State of Texas for 10 years. biggrin.gif

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