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  1. My take on pricing is different from the rest so far....The Internet is the MAIN REASON!!!! Info from around the world is at your finger tips, people showing there badges now find they have repros, they learn what a good one should look like, this really slants the supply and demand market...we are know more focused on authentic piece where the collecting community gives you the thumbs up or down on pieces, also I noticed a huge influx of under 25 year old collectors paying these high prices and making it more difficult on getting things from the same source as the competion for the same item is huge...as items at shows especially in Europe continue to diminish we will only see the demand never being met-so price will continue to rise-though hopefully not at the rate as in the last few years.... Best Jeff
  2. BTT-posted a year ago-sharing again, also anybody add info about it for me?
  4. Hi Bill You might be interested to know as a member of the Herr Badge collecting community this type of hinge created rethinking in makers of a Panzer Tank badge..The long thought of PAB sc Zimmermann we now believe thanks to the maker mark example '4' found on the Iron Cross like you show and Tank badges with the same hinge and catch...So we now refer to the sc Zimmermann tank Badge as a "S&L"....
  5. Here's a double marked Assmann Luftwaffe Flak Badge-it weighs 47.95 g...... I guess you could use it as a weapon if all else fails-chuck it at someone...
  6. here's best I can do with close up of catch
  7. Since it seems everybody and his mother has a bronze buntmetal hollow Wurster, Here's mine
  8. My only 'wernstein design' badge-'nice' except broken catch and replaced needle-though you don't see that part anyway in the display case...
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