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Frachnik -- Order of St. George - 25 Years Service

Chuck In Oregon

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There's not much to this miniature, but I think it took some effort -- and luck, and friends in the right places -- to earn one. It appears to be gilted brass. The enamel is decent, but not particularly high quality. It is not hallmarked or proofed. I think the screwback (is there another name for that device?) is silver-plated brass.

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Very interesting to see an miniature of long service service St. George. Since the awarding ceased in 1855, that must be quite early piece. Any idea when miniatures in general started to show up?


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I didn't know that the St. George frachnik might be that old, nor do I know anything about them in general. In four years of searching in Georgia, I only found the two miniatures I have already posted.

I am looking for the kind of reference books that might include research and history of that nature. Most of my books are what a friend calls "numismatic", merely identifying (at best) what I have, with no history. They are OK for what they are, but I am a curious fellow and I always want to know more about the history, requirements, numbers issued, variations, dates and so on.


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The ring around the center medallion should be gold.

There should also be a makers mark somewhere.

These were custom made and usually have a stamp.

I'm surprised it's not completely gold or gold plated silver since that's the common way these were done.


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