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    Pre 1st WW medic or medical helper ?

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    Could this be a civilian medical helper, " Helfer im Sanit?tsdienst "

    or is he a civilian member of the Red Cross ?

    He also wears two badges with the Red Cross, but I haven't seen them so far.

    The photo is of austrian origin, made in Wels. And I think it was made well before the 1st WW, maybe around 1900.

    As always, any comments and infos are most welcome.

    Kind regards


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    Yes :cheers: , Pilgerkreuz von Jerusalem

    Perhaps member of the Ritterorden vom Heiligen Grab zu Jerusalem "Ordo Equestris Sancti Sepulcri Hierosolymitani"?



    I'm not sure about the armband, but the Jerusalem Cross on his lapel, along with the one on his cravat, could mark him as as a knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The lapel cross is very similar to one that I have, although mine is smaller in size.


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    Guest Rick Research

    Robert-- if his name is on back, may be able to tell you more. I have just obtained several Austrian "Orders Almanac" type lists from before the war.

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    Unfortunately not, Rick.

    If those people back then would have known that their photos are subject to a discussion 100 years later, they would have written explanations on their photos, they should have done. For them, everything was clear.

    If he was a knight of the Equestrian Order ..., maybe the number on the armband would be leading to his name, if ( and that's a big IF ) there is anywhere on this world a list of names and numbers of these knights.

    Anyway, it is already much more information as I expected.

    Thank You all.


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