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    Guest Rick Research

    Although I can't find his first name anywhere (inlcuding the Orders Almanac) this is


    Sekondeleutnant 17.11.92 in a Fu?artillerie unit

    Oberleutnant 18.5.01 G3g

    Hauptmann 27.1.09 Q2q

    Major 24.7.15 S

    char. Oberstleutnant aD

    He was a long time Schutztruppen Kamerun officer, with his KO4X (3rd on medal bar)there by 1902, and RAO4X (2nd) and BrunsH3bX (11th) by 1907. He also held the French Legion of Honor (12th) tucked in there at the end under the Brunswick House Order, Red Eagle 4 with Crown (5th), XXV (6th), Colonial Medal (7th all those bars must be for Kamerun), and 1897 (8th).

    He was assigned to the Reichskolonialamt when the war started-- so the two Iron Crosses(1st) , Brunswick Ernst August Crosses (10th) and-- Daniel Krause will be happy to see-- a WK3X (9th) as his only "non-local" WW1 staff award.

    I have no idea what the cross in 4th place is because your scans are TINY.

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    one more! Str?mpell is now my jubilee WK3X holder! Now I can trace exact 300 of them!

    His first name is written at the dedication; KURT!

    Niice pic! Can You please post a better closeup of the medal bar? Pos. 3 might be a Prussian war aid cross and between his WK3X and the Brunswick 2 I assume a Saxon War Aid cross.

    Best regards


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