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    This picture is taken from the 1900 volume - 'With the Flag to Pretoria' - it shows the famous Gordon Highlanders wearing a kilt cover. I have never seen this before - does anyone know when the custom started - and, apart from stopping the kilt to be an aiming mark (ouch !!) , was there any other reason for this?

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    Guest Rick Research

    I always thought the entire "kilt" had been made in khaki uniform material, before seeing these. :cheers:

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    These above are front aprons, I believe used from the Boer War up until WW1, when the "full wrap" kilt cover was introduced.... that wrapped around from front to back, as shown below.

    To my knowledge these aprons were still used on Cyprus post WW2.

    I have one on offer. I'll have it photographed in the next week.

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    Does it have the British WD mark? If it does i would love to see a photograph... i believe some australian regiments with scottish links used these well past WW2

    No, however there is a washing mark in the reverse. Kaki heavy cotton, Size: wide 63 cm, high 68 cm; the sewn-on pouch (sporran) wide 15 (top) -17,5 (bottom) and high 23 cm.


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