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    Order of the Star of the Romanian Peoples Republic - type 2

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    Hi all:

    Since there's a dedicated thread to the first type (1947-1964) Order of the Star, I figure I'd start up a second type thread. This type was awarded from 1964 to 1966 and like the normal practice for communist era Romania decorations, they came in different metals depending on rank/status. Below are my four examples of this type. The gems on the 1st and 3rd class are paste stones (some of the gold examples had real diamonds from what I understand). The 3rd and 5th class stars below are cased. There seems to be a plethora of types based on metal, hallmarks, and number of rivets. I hope someday someone will do up a comprehensive guide to these wonderful decorations (Anatoly's site so far is the best going :cheers: )


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    Guest Rick Research

    BEAUTIFUL!!! :cheers: I've never seen these before-- but definitely reinforce my haphazard attempts to collect RPR rather than RSR, purely on aesthetics and quality of workmanship.

    What do the cases look like?

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    Hi Rick:

    Indeed, the RPR decorations are fantastic in quality, the later RSR stuff less so. The Order of the Star is my favorite Romanian order, so I have made it a small specialty. Here are the cases I have. The 3rd class one has a push clasp, while the 5th class one does not. The interiors of both are this cream colored terry cloth-like material - very soft, actually.



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