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    Well, I saw something really, really neat today. Actually, a whole bunch of things and after I picked my jaw up off the floor, bought myself a little book on the first Carlist war.

    But i digress......

    I seek information regarding Lt dL. Prof. Gregory, famed theologian, Professor and biblical literary scholar who was born in Philadelphia in @ 1847, saw Lincoln give 'a house divided speech' once, and went on to become a leading SPD cadre and Chair of the University of Leipzig theology department.

    He enlisted AT AGE 68 (!) as a war volunteer in 1914, got promoted to Vitzfeldwebel by Jan. 1915 and was given his LtdL. patent in late 1915 (it's in the Leipzig newspaper) and was killed in April, 1917 after falling off his horse and being hit by shrapnel.

    Can anyone tell me when he got his Saxon Albrecht order 3x?


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    Caspar René Gregory

    * November 6, 1846 in Philadelphia

    April 9, 1917 in a field hospital in Neuchâtel sur Aisne,

    (according to his German Wikipedia bio, he took the Saxon citizenship in 1881)

    Portrait 1894





    Thanks for bringing him to our attention :cheers:

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    Yup-that's the man. He must have been a dual citizen as well. His death was reported as 'famous American killed fighting for the Kaiser' in US newspapers.

    That is his later photo @ 1890. By 1914 he was all white with a goatee.

    Apparently there is a monument next to his old house in Leipzig.

    He was one of the 6 most famous and important theologians of the 20th century and a brilliant linguist. His handwriting is phenominal.

    I have read part of his 4 volume work on the gospels. His literary analysis is the basis of part of the plot "Angels and Demons".

    Anyway, stay tuned. My favorite local bookseller has his effects via his g. granddaughter. The photos are fascinating.

    Can anyone tell me where the L106 was during the war?

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    • 4 months later...

    Now this is what I have found out about Professor Caspar Rene Gregory, at least some of his education. I working on some other things about him as I get the time.

    1864 A.B. University of Pennsylvania, USA

    1867 AM . University of Pennsylvania, USA

    12 April 1869 Professor Gregory licensed to preach, Presbyterian Church.

    1870 Princeton Theological Seminary, USA, Unknown Degree still doing research

    1870 licentiate of the Presbytery of Philadelphia

    1873, Gregory decided to continue his studies at University of Leipzig

    1876 Ph.D. Leipzig University of Leipzig

    1881 Becomes a citizen of Saxony

    1885 He declined the chair of New Testament Greek at Johns Hopkins University, USA, to which he was elected

    29 September 1886 Gregory Marries Lucy Watson Thayer daughter of Dr. JOSEPH HENRY THAYER D.D., professor of sacred literature at Harvard University, USA

    1889 Associate [full] Professor at Leipzig University

    1891 Full honorary professor at Leipzig University

    March 1893 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Delta, University of Pennsylvania, USA

    1893 Dr Theology, Leipzig University

    1894 LL.D, Honorary Degree, University of Pennsylvania, USA

    13 June 1901 D.D., University of Glasgow,

    23 October 1901 Honorary Degree, LL.D. from Yale University USA

    ?? ?? ?? Dr. Jur or Juris Doctor, School Unknown at present, suspect Harvard, USA.

    His knowledge of New Testament manuscript was said to be unsurpassed. Besides his work, he is remembered by a memorial stone with a portrait in relief in Leipzig on Naunhofer Straße in front of the new Nickolai School in the Stötteritz part of the city, as well as a small square nearby.

    Does any one know exactly where Professor Gregory is buried? I know his wife returned to the USA and took a job as the head of Whitman Hall at Radcliffe College in 1920.

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    The Arringtons Bookshop of Wells, Maine has the grouping and it included a shot of his grave as I recall. I think he was buried "im Feld".

    The Arringtons also presently has THE BEST German soldiers in China photo album I have ever seen(1907-1910): pictures so crisp and clear as to be almost HD. If I were a rich man....

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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    A friend on another site told me today that Gregory is buried in the cemetery of Asfeld la Ville, Block 7 , Grave 88. Asfeld is a few kilometres southeast of Villers devant le Thour.

    See http://www.weltkriegsopfer.de/Kriegsopfer-René-Caspar-Gregory_Soldaten_0_13382.html.

    On another note the book on the first Carlist war, does it have any reference to George Augustus Frederick Ruxton?

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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    A friend on another site told me today that Gregory is buried in the cemetery of Asfeld la Ville, Block 7 , Grave 88. Asfeld is a few kilometres southeast of Villers devant le Thour.

    The German War Grave site (Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.) confirms that location.

    Todesdatum: 09.04.1917

    Rene Gaspar Gregory ruht auf der Kriegsgräberstätte in Asfeld (Frankreich) .

    Endgrablage: Block 7 Grab 88

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    Nice portrait!

    Here are some details to the life and death of Gregory from the Volksbund site:


    "Unter den aus Villers-devant-les-Tours (ca. 7 Kilometer nördlich Asfeld) Umgebetteten, befand sich auch der älteste gefallene Kriegsfreiwillige des deutschen Heeres, der Leutnant d.R. René Caspar Gregory, der im Alter von 71 Jahren als Leiter eines Gräber-Verwaltungs-Kommandos nahe Neufchateau an der Aisne bei der Bergung von Gefallenen durch eine Granate sein Leben verlor. (Block 7 - Grab 88). 1846 in den USA geboren kam er 1873 nach Deutschland, um hier seine Studien zu vollenden. Er promovierte und habilitierte in Leipzig und wurde 1891 zum ordentlichen Honorarprofessor berufen, nachdem er 1881 die sächsische Staatsbürgerschaft erworben hatte. Seine Lebensarbeit war die Entdeckung, Erforschung und Klassifizierung neutestamentlicher Handschriften. Zu diesem Zweck unternahm er weite Forschungsreisen, wobei ihm die Kenntnis von 16 modernen Sprachen besonders hilfreich war. Am 11. August 1914 meldete er sich als Kriegsfreiwilliger."

    Edited by Naxos
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    Interesting that his biography is on googlebooks too AND that he served in the Union army briefly during the civil war in a militia unit at UPenn..

    Just imagine HIS medal bar had he lived to say, 1930! I expect he'd have put his US civil war campaign medal at the end of the bar, in front of the Hungarian commemorative, but behind the Kyfserbund medal. :Cat-Scratch:

    Thanks for the link Mike. :cheers:

    George will be VERY happy.

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    Hi there! Just spoke to George and he said he could scan some of the pics.

    The Saxon Alb. Order x notation is from the bound volume published by Roth- :cheers:

    I have to wonder if the SAR1 notation is to a relative though-how many Saxon Gregorys can there have been?

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    Casper Rene Gregory's father, of Henry Duval Gregory, was born in 1819, Pillidelphia PA, His grandganfather, Casper Ramsay Gregorie, Born Port au Prince and his father Rene Gregorie who was French.

    Thanks for the reference.

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    George wrote me today and told me he sold the collection. So I can not publish the photos as I do not have the new buyers permission. Sorry. I can say one of the photo's did show Lt. Gregory with the Iron Cross 2nd and the SA3bX ribbons in his button hole. SB2

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    yes, what I saw, 10 or so photos, were quite professional. Ah, yes, to be flush. Would have a barn full of the stuff. Ha! Anyway thanks for all of your help. I almost have CRG's genealogy. Bye the way do you know when he got his EK2 and Sax. FA medal ( BRONZE ?) dates?? Promotion times?? SB2

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    • 3 weeks later...

    "Ulsterman wrote on Oct 16 "I have to wonder if the SAR1 notation is to a relative though-how many Saxon Gregorys can there have been" I just found a quote from another site "In 1908 Gregory had already received the Albrecht Order first class for his scientific achievements" Can this be true? And where can I find the date???

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