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    Coburger Abzeichen, 1932.

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    On 25/05/2009 at 03:34, Deruelle said:

    Hello everybody,


    I'm looking for information about the Coburger Abzeichen.

    In Max Hans' book, this badge was created by Duke of Coburg Gotha on October, the 14th 1932 to commemorate the Adlf Hitler march of 14-15 october 1922. Only 436 men received this medal, which become on November, the 6th 1936 "Ehrenzeichen der NSDAP".


    I want to know if pictures of this badge can be posted (reverse and observe), some close up, box and paper. Thanks for your help.


    Do you know where I can find the list of the 436 men who received it?



    I am not familiar with Max Hans's book, but period documentation indicates the design was created by Hitler himself when advised of the proposed tenth anniversary celebration of the march. The local Coburg NSDAP organization put the show together and provided the awards. Hitler was present for a speech, then left. The awards were presented by a senior SA officer. It is unknown how many participants in the march were at the award ceremony. The OSAF published a list of awardees some years after the event. Sorry for the sketchy information, but I posted on the other forum mentioned and the file is away somewhere.

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