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    Order of Nakhimov


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    Орден Нахимова

    Instituted: 3 March 1944 as an award of the USSR, confirmed in the current order of precedence in 1992.

    Awarded: For the successful planning of a naval operation that inflicts a considerable defeat or losses on an enemy, in 2 classes.

    1st Class:

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    Hello! This Order is master piece! This is for naval officers, isn't it? May I write my interpretations to be discussed? This Order is Nautical Star symbolism, and it has 4 star, and means 4 directions, north, south, etc. And 1st class has ordinary star, but it is nautical. So it means one love, one life, one destiny, etc. Finally, it is awarded for achieving successful tactics for outstanding military leadership. How is my interpretation?

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    Very good.

    More precisely it is awarded for:

    -success in planning and conducting naval operations of combat formations (troops of naval infantry), which resulted in successfully repelling an enemy offensive by inflicting heavy losses;

    -having skilfully organized and conducted the operations of naval combat formations (troops) in cooperation with other services of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which resulted in the defeat of numerically superior enemy forces;

    -having skilfully organized and conducted a counter attack which resulted in the defeat of an enemy amphibious assault;

    -success in leadership of landings, for the successful execution of combat missions, displaying personal courage leading to the defeat of units of the enemy fleet, for destroying enemy shore facilities, for the disruption of enemy communications.

    It may also be awarded to military units that participated in successful naval operations and to foreign citizens, soldiers of allied forces from among the officers who took part alongside soldiers of the Russian Federation in organizing and conducting successful joint operations of allied troops (forces).

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    Thank you, Mr Frank for excellent understanding of this Order. I am fully satisfied and fulfilled. As this Order is still present in the Russian navy, I imagine anti-submarine tactics on large scale in modern navy. What do you think?

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