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    Born in Sofia, does not speak any foreign languages, graduated the Law Faculty of the Sofia University in 1957. Not marries /at least at the time of the entry/. In the army he was in the infantry, Mladshi Leitenant. Later, as a Reserve, through the decades he was promoted to Leitenant and Starshi Leitenant. So he only spent a couple of years in the army, the usual term, he was not a high rank and received his medals probably because of a high party position.

    The party book is the usual BKP membership card before 1989. The red card is the Party membership document from 1990 and on. I believe it is not a temporary thing, but the real BSP membership document. After 1989 the BKP renamed it to BSP - from Communist to Socialist party. In fact, the Socialist party pretended it is something new, a modern socialist party and not the old Communist party. But see the miracle - the man is member of the new Socialist party since....... 1961 :speechless: :speechless: :rolleyes: I have seen several of these documents and it is always like this - the BSP is established in 1990, but its members joined in in 1955, 1973, 1961.... :rolleyes:

    I do not know whether the BSP still uses the same red cards today, but I have seen no other membership cards of it. BTW they may have quit printing blank cards - with their criminal and anti-Bulgarian current government, I doubt they had any new member for a while :rolleyes:

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    Greetings Theodor, thanks much for the additional details. Thanks!!!! I suspect that there are orders floating around somewhere to this person. A re-unification quest for me?? We shall see.

    Rick R. translates to "of the Central committee"..... thinks this guy was a flunky/aid not an actual member of the Central Committee..... mostly because of his age.

    Is this possible? Or was he actually ON the CC?

    Your thoughts??

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    It is difficult to say for sure. This line in the booklet says: OT GR /S/ which is short of OT GRAD/SELO. And this means FROM TOWN / VILLAGE........ and the name must be written. Sometimes the wrong alternative /town or village/ is dashed with the pen.

    Anyway, this line is for his town or village. And instead of that, they just wrote CC of BKP. What i am trying to say is, the readily printed title of this line has no connection to what they have actually written. The way it is written, simply CC of BKP, it can be a member of the Committee, or candidate-member, or probably just working something for the Committee, indeed.

    I see no problems for him to be a candidate-member or even a member of the CC. Unfortunately I do not know where to find complete list of the CC members. I found lists of the Politbureau of the CC, but the Politbureau was just a small part, a small group elected by the whole CC. Managed to find only one list of CC members, from 1954. And it shows 65 members, plus 32 candidate-members. Quite a bunch!

    As for his age, at the time of the first entry about the CC, he was 38. I think he could be at least a candidate-member. Of course no way to be sure. Maybe just working for the CC system. If I knew where to find lists with the members!

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