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    They all have personnel files in the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart.

    • Frech, Paul, geb. am 29. Juni 1890

    • Hamburger, Eugen, geb. am 25. Mai 1886
    • Rieber, Artur, geb. am 11. April 1894

    It appears Paul Frech also has a personnel file in the Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg, as a Studienrat in Feuerbach. The inclusive dates for the file are 1908-1962, so it would appear he survived past 1934, but also it would be possible he earned the Treuedienst-Ehrenzeichen. His file would probably show any additional awards.

    Also, are there two Eugen Hamburgers? I only see a file for one. And the Württemberg Militär-Verordnungsblatt has him receiving the WgM on 21.2.16 as a Lt.d.R. in GR 123. He is shown in IR 126 along with Frech and Rieber in the announcement of awards of the LüH.


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    • saschaw changed the title to Württemberg IR 126

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