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    How is your Turkish?


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    • 2 years later...

    Dear TerryG:

    Im a nobbie here ...but i just wanted to say that at this time people have write arabic and spoke turkish in the ottoman empire ...

    But today in turkey they write and speak turkish --> so in a some kind of way it isnt turkish ...its ottoman

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    Some clarification is needed:

    -- Turkish was written in a script derived from the Arabic script until Mustafa Kemal Atat?rk's script reforms of 1928. Few contemporary Turks can read the old script today and even most scholars of Turkish history have trouble with some of its quirks. (This is one reason that so little reasearch has been conducted in the Ottoman archives.)

    -- I think his buttonhole ribbon is nothing German, but rather the Ottoman Harp Madalyasi (or 1915 War Medal). A buttonhole ribbon was often worn with the appropriate clasps and the familiar spectrum shifts in period film may make it appear black and white.

    A really nice photo. I'll try to clean up the legend and see if I can get some friends who have worked in the Ottoman archives to decipher it.

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