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    Paleis Het Loo

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    Anybody ever visit this museum in the Netherlands? Feedback?

    Hello Bob,

    Yes for sure Paleis Het Loo is a wonderfull Orders & Medals Museum and the Palace with its park is beautifull too.

    Do not forget that the Palace itself is open at 11.00 AM with visit of the private appartement of King Wilhelm III,but the Orders & Medals Museum is open only at 2.00 PM !!!!

    For people who like exotic Orders like me,it's a pleasure,lots of items from Pakistan,Surinam,Indonesia,Nepal,Rwanda....and also a lot a lot of classical Orders also from the Napoleonic time.

    The bad point is that they have only a small booklet with some photo of their collection and this booklet is only in dutch (I mean not even in english).

    But a visit to Belgian Army Museum is worth also ( www.klm-mra.be ) and you can have acess to a lot of pictures.

    Also the recently re-open the Musée d'Armes in the city of Liège where there is a very nice collection of Orders.

    Also not that far is the Musée de la Légion d'Honneur in Paris who is a jewel since it re-opening in december 2006 (the avalable displaying surface has been multiplied by 5 by the use of drawers) with now pieces from the Spada Collection on exhibition.


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