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    Ossewabrandwag (Nazi) Badges

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    A friend has in his collection of German militaria two badges that are thought to have represented the Ossewabrandwag, a pro-Nazi organisation that existed in South Africa during World War II. Can anyone comment on their identity? I can also post pics of the back of the badges.



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    Many thanks for your prompt response, Chris. They were said to be OB badges when my friend bought them, but he has evidently always had reservations about the identification. He describes them as having an "Oswald Mosley Fascist Organisation-look"

    AWB is a possibility and I will suggest this when I see him tomorrow.



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    oThe Ossewabrandwag - Oxwagon Sentinel was a nationalist Afrikaner organisation in South Africa founded 1939.

    There name came from the grote trek ----> as the boers left cape town to go to inlands of south africa

    It opposed South African entry into WWII on the British side, because of Sudafrikaner fight for independence since the boerwar

    Forbidden in September 1942.

    Also had there own stormtroops calles gryshemde - greyshirts

    Suid-Afrikaanse Nie-Joodse Nasionaal-Sosialistiese Beweging = south african non jewish national socialist movement

    They are the forerunners of the Ossewabrandwag founded in 1933/34 and started with the greyshirts with finacial donation from the NSDAP/AO from germany.

    late 1949 the started again under the name of Blanke Werkersparty white workers party

    Many members of the OB were incarcerated during World War II after committing acts of sabotage in protest against South Africa's alignment with Britain and in support of Germany of Dutch NSB who hold a small branch in South Africa.

    After the war the Ossewabrandwag went underground and stopped mid 50s

    There are severall types of this badges in size and colour most of them are local made,i had a book on south african badges and insignia years ago after the fall of the apartheid regime i sold most of my SDAF collection and the book

    nice badges i always was looking for them but never obtain them

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