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  1. there is also a slovak type with znb and not snb there is a small different between czech and slovak i still have a czech book with medals for sale on the sales form,lots of photos even if your "cestina jazyk nemam dobry,kniha moc obrazky" for the non czech speakers between us = if your czech is not good,book is full with photos!!! Na zdravi sometimes in Rotterdam & sometimes in the CZ
  2. Hi,chris. Thanks for the info,shall sell the badge as i have no realation with regular police
  3. is this military polcie?? or just normal police forces
  5. Vanuatu General Service Medal A medal to be known as the Vanuatu General Service Medal (hereinafter in this Part called the “medal”) is hereby instituted for the purpose of according recognition to persons who hold certain offices or of certain lengths of service or who have rendered good and special service to Vanuatu. Award for historic events The medal shall be awarded to mark historic events in Vanuatu. President to award medal on recommendation of Prime Minister (1) The award of the medal may be made by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. (2) The names of the persons to whom the medal is awarded under this Part shall be published in the Gazette. (3) There shall be no limit to the number of medals which may be awarded. Description of medal (1) The medal shall be circular in shape, 38 mm in diameter and made of cupro-nickel silver, rhodium plated, and the obverse of the medal shall show in relief a representation of the sun rising behind an island which is surrounded by the sea around which is a pair of namele leaves crossed at the bottom. (2) The reverse of the medal shall bear the inscription “FOR SERVICE TO VANUATU” surmounted by the word “VANUATU” with namele leaves crossed at the bottom and extending around the edge. (3) The medal shall be suspended from a circular ring on a ribbon, 32 mm wide consisting of 4 mm wide vertical stripes of red, yellow and green; an 8 mm wide vertical stripe of black in the centre and then 4 mm wide vertical stripes of green, yellow and red. (4) A bar or bars, 32 mm wide, made of cupro-nickel silver, inscribed with the historic event or the name of the place at which the event occurred shall be attached to the ribbon and shall form part of the medal. Where two or more bars are awarded they shall be worn on the ribbon of a single medal. (5) The miniature of the medal and bar shall be half the size of the medal and bar, THE ONLY THING I COULD FIND TO THE BAR IS THAT IT IS ONE OF THERE ISLANDS,MAYBE FOR LONG SERVICE WITH THE ARMED FORCES ON THE ISLAND SANTO
  6. Cupro Nickel 36mm diameter medal features the Arms of Vanuatu with the inscription 'Vanuatu Independence 1980' surrounding. The National Emblem features on the reverse. This medal was instituted in 1980. The RAAF received it 3 x & 1 was awarded to an Army Pilot.
  7. oThe Ossewabrandwag - Oxwagon Sentinel was a nationalist Afrikaner organisation in South Africa founded 1939. There name came from the grote trek ----> as the boers left cape town to go to inlands of south africa It opposed South African entry into WWII on the British side, because of Sudafrikaner fight for independence since the boerwar Forbidden in September 1942. Also had there own stormtroops calles gryshemde - greyshirts Suid-Afrikaanse Nie-Joodse Nasionaal-Sosialistiese Beweging = south african non jewish national socialist movement They are the forerunners of the Ossewabrandwag founded in 1933/34 and started with the greyshirts with finacial donation from the NSDAP/AO from germany. late 1949 the started again under the name of Blanke Werkersparty white workers party Many members of the OB were incarcerated during World War II after committing acts of sabotage in protest against South Africa's alignment with Britain and in support of Germany of Dutch NSB who hold a small branch in South Africa. After the war the Ossewabrandwag went underground and stopped mid 50s There are severall types of this badges in size and colour most of them are local made,i had a book on south african badges and insignia years ago after the fall of the apartheid regime i sold most of my SDAF collection and the book nice badges i always was looking for them but never obtain them
  8. Hi,Darell. This is a copy made about 13 - 14 years ago first time they where offered in den haag at the military auction from the prinsen antiekhof at the bell air hotel sold for 350,00 hfl now 160,00 euro they made 3 types of this medal all 3 times rabbies. 1st type a few mm to big and colour also wrong. 2nd wrong supspension to tin. 3rd type made it with a ball & chocolate colour like the french st helena medal all three types where offered at the auction with space of 2 months between each auction ribbon not made of cotton, but nylon today they are still on the dutch market but become harder to find tgoday you can find better copies on Ebay offered by a english dealer
  9. copy early 70s but very well done pakistan made product,i bought that stuff in severall junkshops 2-4 pound each(england was overrun with stuff like this 70-80s) while i was there on holiday with my parents and sold them here in holland to dealers in the 80s i still could buy them and sold them here to skinheads & football hoolies who like to wear them to shock other people as the dealers lost intrest in that stuff by the original the backplate is hold on a other style left down right ,can like this I_I and not with dots : left & right : orignal A.G.M.u.K. text is the u straight/upright and not skewed like this type A.G.M.u.K and peekhouse is also on one line in the original and not like this
  10. The poland type 1st came on the market late 80s from a canadian medaldealer send a lot of flyers/sheets worldwide to collectors(yes that was pre internettimezone) with a nice story about it Today there a 3 types,1st type with the kremnicia(slovakian state mint)mark on it 2nd type without kremnicia makersmark 3rd type other reverse other type of crown Made today in different types of metal and offered by polish medal/coin dealers I do have some orignial czech WWI victory medals in stock any intrest??
  11. looks nice, knightscross with oakleaf,honor badge of the army a good combination, but panzerkampfabz in bronze(panzergrenadiers)& single combat tank destroyers bage with a silver infantery assault badge (infantery or mountain troops)nearly impossobile. In the early 80s the market was overrun with single ribbon insignia most of them on pins for the civilian dress,so it creates a lot of home work for severall dealers(break down pins and put them on ribbon bars,but badges could be original 1957 made,why would it be faked?? you can still pick it up at any fleamarket or military fair. late 80s steihauer & luck opened there old store m 1957 insignia for the market incl the ribbons even in holland we had a new german invasion. Reverse backclothing looks glued??normally you must see stickwork of the needle and it is nice and shinny made,not old and worn by a bundeswehrveteran.
  12. Honeckers afrika korps at the african playgrounds Since the late 70s they have been activ in the next a nations: Afghanistan(only airforce advisors)Angola,Algeria,Mozambique,, Libya, Iraq, Syria, South Yemen, Ethiopia, Benin, Nigeria, Zaire( former belgium congo), Tanzania,Zambia. Since 1975 +/-2000 officers & soldiers of the National People's Army & Stasi forces had been stationed in Angola to support the MPLA forces in their fight against the Unita. They also try to get in South West Africa(former german colony 1884 - 1910) since 1980 Namibia wich was under the protection of South Africa. Lots of SADF members who joined the SWAPOL or KOEVOET units allready learned their skills during the Rhodesia war even severall Selous Scouts joined the SDAF after the independance of Rhodesia, had a dutch/german background and zuid afrikaans is a mix of old dutch with german so a lot of SADF members asked information from local inhabitants and told them that they were east german military advisors looking for hidden MPLA members to bring them back to their own lines. KOEVOET members were financially rewarded through bountyreward system, which paid them for kills, prisoners and equipment they captured. This practice allowed many of the members to earn many times more than their normal payment, and resulted in competition between units. SDAF = south african defence forces SWAPOL = south west african police force KOEVOET = crowbar unit of the police. Selous Scouts = special forces of the rhodesian army 1973 - 80 who task was to clandestine elimination of terrorists or state enemies within and without the borders of the rhodesia nation after the dissolution of the regiment in 1980, many of this soldiers went to the SDAF where they joined 5 Reconnaissance Commando. During the apartheid period as a cloggie(dutch) you could do you conscripted service clandistine in the SDAF and get a double passport after it,i try to join but it turned out that i copied the signature of my father so they refused me & i had to do my conscripted service in west germany defending europe against the evil from the east. I also know that there have been also a few bulgarian military advisors in Angola as i heared from a Bulgarian who works here in Holland that there was only one black guy in Bulgaria as the boy was adopted by a bulgarian officer and took him back to bulgaria. Also there have been a few Czechoslovakian advisors in africa,and they travelled together with members of the Dvur Kralove nad Labem ZOO!!!!!!!!!!. United Nations Transition Assistance Group in Namibia (April - March 1990) 20 observers wich incl a few dutch and some members of the german grenzschuts and a maybe few ex DDR soldiers who sign up with the BGS as far as i can remeber they even had their own DDR UNsleeve badge had it in my hands on a military show 1990/91 period and it was totaly unknow to me(as in 1989 the wall went down at the un ops was in 1990 so i did not buy it) and i obtain from the same "Ossie" dealer a complete DDR service dress para trooper for 100,- HFL now 45,00 euro remember it so well as i sold the para trooper uniform the same day for 250,- HFL.
  13. mini bar = 100% english made,great for in a movie or a fashionshow but not for in a collection. always try to avoid copies.
  14. The cloth ribbonbars are pre 1918 period: 1= military merit or bravery cross on war ribbon only not able to see wich class,X years of long service cross for officer in the army,balkanwar medal 1912-13(against greece?),comm war medal 1915-18(instituted 9/12/1933) 2 = military merit or bravery cross on war ribbon only not able to see wich class,merit medal not able to see wich class but looks to me king borisIII period(pre 1914) and got them again mabye for acts of bravey during WWI 1915 - 18 period and a austria bravery medal but not able to see wich class,bronze or silver could be franz joshep untill1916 or karl 1917 -1918 nice bulgarian WWI ribbon bars
  15. Dear Sasa. Havla Vam for the info,looking forward to visit it next year( how to tell my wife!!!). What is the best period to visit Београд - Beograd???? any other points of great intrest(military or non military any fleamarkets),was thinking on may 2010. Only been twice in Република Србија - Rep.Srbija and that was 5 years ago on the way to Sofia in Bulgaria,and more than 20 years ago by train on a studentpass only been at the railwaystation in Beograd to get on a other train. Pozdravi. Michel
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