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    Red Star for Anti Deserter Detachment

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    Back in 1996 when I started collecting Russian Medals I had a thing for the Order of the Red Star. Just thought it was a neat award and very inexpensive. I cherry picked the Red Stars that Igor had researched when they came with groups and were not awarded to the same individual.

    This one is to Captain Fedor Yakovlevich Balashov Senior adjutant of the 10th Independent Anit-Deserter Detachment, 23rd Army.

    Captain Balashov has served in 10th Independent Anit_Deserter Detachment since its formation, has occupied positions of company comander, then of senior adjutant. He ensured completion of tasks set by the Military Council of 23rd Army in organizing anti-deserter activity, and in training and upbringing of NCOs.

    In 1942 when he with his platoon took defense positions near Lembolovo lake he well fortified his perimeter and organized exterminating movement in the company, as a result of which 100 White Fins were eliminated.

    He organized a network of anti-deserters checkpoints and put the rear of the 142nd Rifle Div. in due order. Two deserters, among other detainees, were handed over to agencies of Military Prosecution.

    Through his systematic and persistent work with officers and NCOs he achieved excellent results in learning of training methods and significant increase in combat rediness. For explary completion of tasks af anti-deserter activity and excellant organization of personnel training he is reccomended to be awa5rded with a Medal for Valor.


    Signed: Commander of 10th Independent Anti-Deserter Detachment Captain Kalistratov.

    Commander of 628th Artillery Regiment LTC.

    Final Decision; To award with an Order of the Red Star


    His other awards are

    Order of the Patrotic War 2nd Class 1944

    Medal for the Defense of Leningrad

    Medal for Victory over Germany

    I have copies of the actual documents but my camera battery just died.

    A neat Red Star.

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