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    Any Ideas on the Third award. This hungry fellow served in WWI and was from Oldenburg. The picture is from the late 1930s before the War while the soup still contained meat. The second ribbon I believe is for Bremen. Thank you.

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    .......the main question is :

    is it a 4-place ribbon bar (with two nearly identical ribbons in the middle)


    is it a 3-place ribbon bar (with one ribbon in the middle that is much wider than the other two)


    Both possibilities are a bit weired.... stripes look like Bremen hanseatic cross but then it would be very wide.... two identical ribbons only comes often in saxony but it doesn`t really look like it.... last ribbon with the swords should be honour cross but the stripes look more like the Kyffhäuser medal....

    you see me a bit confused.... :speechless:

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    I looked at it again and played with some of my bars in lighting. I think it is only the Bremen ribbon and the edges of the EK ribbon and the WWI Service with swords (I have photos of him wearing this in other photos) make it look like there are 6 stripes but there are only 4. I was able to confirm he served with a Bremen unit in WWI. 1914-1918. Thanks,

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    Yup, that's it.

    What a way to be immortalized forever online!

    SLURP!!!!!! cheeky.gif

    Yes, I think someone who was competing with him for promotion took that photo. He can look much more distinguished- Any guesses on the last ribbon in this one? I suspect long service 12 year. He was in WWI 14-18 and was a reserve officer as early as 1936.

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