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    Hello avadski:

    Congratulations on obtaining this genuine late war (~1918) zinc-alloy/steel example. These as you know are much rarer than the other copper pieces that are often seen. As to the maker, I imagine that like most other MVK's, the majority were made by Gebruder Hemmerle, München, but Weiss u. Co., Leser, etc. may have made these too. Without markings on the piece and without the packing materials (envelope?) that the piece came in (if this was labelled by the maker), it is impossible to tell.

    When the MVO/MVK book finally is published, all may be revealled.

    Best regards,


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    Hello Franken,

    as per our PMs this is the cross that was supposed to be completely non magnetic. Unfortunately the seller was wrong and the swords are made of iron. Looking at the previous cross I can see that there are some differences between that one and this one but you're the expert. Is it still Deschler made or someone else?

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    This is my new find. It's a mystery to me due to the mark 'J.R.' on the ring. As far as I know there were only four makers of MVKs - Weiss, Lesser, Hemmerle and Deschler (and Godet after war) so either it's a private purchase or maker not known to me...

    ...or maybe the initials of recipient?

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