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Manchoutikuo Officer pass and docs


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All I can read are dates--

on the first scan on the right hand page to the right of th blue line is "11 Year 10 Month 29 Day"

while on the left hand page under his photo are the numbers (right to left) 1,2,3,4,5 checekd off like some sort of categories. Down the line to the right of the large "O" character under the photo it says "34 Year 10 Month 9 Day."

On the second scan, the far left line is the date "4 Year 12 Month 2-tens+1 day"

Third scan in same place is "6 Year, 11 Month 2-tens Day."

Those would probably equate to ??? the puppet "Emperor" Pu Yi's years of reign or some such, though the "34 Year" sounds like our calendar in this context.

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intersting paperwork you have george! :cheers:

tried to id the ribbons - but its very difficult, because there are many mongol ribbons which only differ in the color, but not in the way they "split the ribbon for adding the color".

will try it a little harder, but i don't think i'll be a real help!


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