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    NKVD Honored Member Badge questions

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    Surfing through eBay, I saw this badge and document set. The thing that makes me pause is the badge looks so very crude compared to others I have seen of a similar nature. Also, I was struck by the writing in the document folder as the clearest I've ever seen for a Russian document. Is this whole thing a put-together? An altered original document? The price is pretty outrageous as well, but no big surprise there. Curious as to the opinions of anyone who knows... Thanks!

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    No, they are not a group.

    He has been selling 3 items for as long as I can remember. One, a RB screwback he actually sold since I haven't seen it in a while. The other two are still being pushed.

    If it was real, it would have sold years ago!


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    Thanks Rusty, glad to see my bells were correct. I will still play with the photo when I get home and post it so everybody can see the extent these people go to with their fakery. Rather impressive amount of effort being expended to rip people off in my opinion. Seems to me there should be an easier way for these guys to make a buck, but what do I know....

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