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    Front and back images of what looks to me as a Mayer variant. Note the flag is down, but I think it is bent. The eagle head does not look like a Mayer, but maybe just the shot, it is close though. The reverse is not a Mayer reverse, but maybe a variant setup.

    When I say the eagle is off, the cut of the mouth on the beak and the eye do not look like a usual Mayer, but it might be just very worn.

    Better images forthcoming. Both of these images are the same badge, we are working on getting better images of this one.

    Opinions welcome.


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    Not my badge. I am just trying to close the loop on a post on another forum. I think the more of these one of kind or at least not commonly seen variants that are posted, the better, to help collectors who can't find it for example in Torpedo Los or forum databases, either here, GCA or WAF. It scares them a bit as it should, but that is where we can agree that a particular badge not in a database is in fact period and help assure the collector about his particular item.

    I know that forums and books mainly provide a baseline for collectors to collect items accepted by the collecting community. They absolutely can't include every single badge and every variant of that badge.

    They do provide the valuable, maybe invaluable, service of that baseline, that group of badges that we all agree are original to guide the collector through the minefield of TR badges to the new collector.

    Thanks Nesredep and Gordon. I will relay the information to the owner of that badge.


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