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    workers of all countries, unite!

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    I gathered nearly all european communist party membership booklets.

    From left to right: Tchécoslovakia, GDR, USSR, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.

    I don't remeber were I put my hungarian lot but I found one my old pictures.

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    these are the most known parties. Of course the game is not ended and I lack other knowns parties: Yugoslavia and Albania about Europe, Mongolia, North Korea, and China about Asia.

    Please show yours pieces!

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    Here is one from Yugoslavia.

    Do not forget Cuba, Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia! And then Angola, Mozambique, Burkina Faso etc........... I have only one from the U.S.S.R.! I would love to have them all!! Oh! I also have the past 3 years from the U.K.! I am very envious of your wee treasures there; any official party documents really get me tingling. I do not know where to get them from though.

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