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  1. Really nice. The late Skanderbeg diploma is not so common...
  2. That's cool guys, we are in an international forum, in a public subject...
  3. Gentlemen, can we consider this combination of a 1st class and a necklet cross as a grand cross class? PS: I'm looking for romanian diplomas for ODM...
  4. Hello gentlemen, does anyone of you have in its possession Wojciech Stella's summ about polish orders? This book is of the greatest help, although it show complexity - not to say havoc- of fabric variations of polish ODM...
  5. I know this group. Indeed the asked price is saddly not friendly.
  6. Hello Bob, this group is really interesting, but.... why do the late orders do not have their s/n written in the order booklet? A double clerk failure would be really astounding?
  7. Seems an impressive grouping! Could you please show to us the diplomas?
  8. Hello, in such a pedagogical place, it is always usefull to explain WHY... So the parade jackets weren't produced within Albania?
  9. Hello gentlemen, I can' t see any pictures?
  10. Really nice catch.It is a scarce and expensive award. They discarded the couple big diploma/small certificate in the 80ies?
  11. Thank you for this big examination of czesch badges! I believe they deserve a catalogue book, but does such a book exist??? (Something comparable to Krubl's work)
  12. Thank you very much! Do you believe it is made of silver?
  13. Hello, really nice set! The Spain war medal is extremly rare...
  14. A grouping with a Virtituti Military and a Grunwald 3rd class is exceptionnal!!!
  15. Thank you for your help, it's always of values when teher are too few books about the subject. Indeed, the W. Stella's highly valuable books don't always help to raise doubts about coining details when comparing genuine and fake pieces...
  16. Hello, never too late for educating! Thank you for yours comments. I look forward to seeing any new quality books about polish medals - which will complete the W. Stella 's work)
  17. Well, general engraving seems poor, and the dark patina is here to hide the defects...
  18. Hello gentlemen, what puzzles me is the fact that orders documents are never visible... howt they do look like?
  19. Hello Eric, thanks for your comment. I tend to believe most stars (except the last one of course) I've shown are genuine. Please remark that they belong to a common run numbered between 25000 and 29000. A bunch a unissued stars, logically. The small group shown by Drugo present a poor finish and a kind of crude enamel (?) or painting...
  20. Hello, this is anice piece. Diplomas about this order are rare. But one question: in 1983 did this order come with both big diploma (na dthe wax state seal) and the small DIN A5 certificate? What was the rule?
  21. Hello, here is a rough study of what is proposed on "E", only about the 3rd class stars. The 2nd should deserve a separate study? I strongly believe we are in front of unissued orders that have been driven on the private market. They all come from knwon dealers, here EmonXXXX from Slovenia Now NatXXX from Serbia: Now KragXXX from Serbia: one of the riffles shows a heavy casting defect, but the obervese is perfectly finished. At the soviet or czech mint, such a defect would have led the medal to melting oven. But I tend to believe Iko
  22. Hello Philip, thank you for your opinion. Yes I'm concerned too, the prices are low, and I saw some defects even on 3rd class stars. I saw basic fakes now proposed. I am concerned about some casting defects, but you're perfectly right about enamels, the deep cherry/blood red enamel is a difficult point to counterfeit.
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