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    Sometimes you get what you need... sometimes you get something you do not need... but its a bit cool anyway...

    Cool?!?...it's great. It remains among the farrago of collected boyhood memories so many years ago, that classic photo of MvR wearing his Ulan tunic, that fueled my interest in Imp. German. It is so distinct, and minimalist compared to the Hussars. It’s a uniform that doesn’t look as good on a hanger as it does being worn.

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    Tony Schnurr has a very nice Ulanka from Hanoversches Ulanen-Regt. 14 on his Kaiser's Bunker site that you might enjoy. He also has a Tschapka to go with it.

    Ulanka: http://www.kaisersbunker.com/dunkelblau/tunics/dbt43.htm

    Tschapka: http://www.kaisersbunker.com/dunkelblau/helmets/dbh83.htm

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    I forgot to check Tony's sight.

    I will probably try to trade this away, so will mail him and ask if he has any wartime stuff to get rid of.



    Tony has an awesome site--that Tschapka is beautiful.

    Here is a Reserve Officer's Helmet to a Rittermiester, Hanoversches Ulanen-Regt. 14 before they were allowed to change the wrappen

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